Sunday, July 31, 2005

I just spent some time reading others' blogs and find it so interesting. I was interested enough to want to post some comments and consequently signed myself up!

I just finished teaching summer school to Special Ed elementary children and have a renewed sense of the urgency to love God's children. If there is anything in my life I can do to usher in the Kingdom of God I pray that I have the strength and wisdom to do it. I had some 4th and 5th grade students who were able to justify murder based on one person having "stepped up and disrespecting the other dude, he deserved to be shot for that". I also had a student who has been so badly damaged in his life that he mimicks sex on objects and others and is allowed a pillow and blanket for when he is anxious (4th grade, not Kindergarten). One student told me that he wanted to have 5 kids when he grew up just to be safe so that they could take care of each other when they got jumped. This is it folks- these kids have never seen love that is honest, love that is comforting, love that doesn't hurt, love that is forgiving. They have never seen Jesus face to face. I am praying for them and hope that one day they will know True Love.

I have also had some scarey blind dating experiences this summer. Let me just say that being single and over 30 sucks, not because I don't believe that God will provide for me but because everyone and their mother (or mother-in-law as the case may be) will try to set you up! I love the care behind people trying to set me up and I am honored that they would trust me with their friends and family but it is not a fun or easy thing to do! The first one was a disaster culminating in me calling Zach and laughing hysterically over the whole horrifying event! (It was late and I knew Zach would be up!) The second was fun, awkward, interesting. I am thankful because it gave me renewed hope in dating in general! He lives in California and has emailed me asking about my religious beliefs- something we didn't discuss while he was here. I am encouraged by the questions and think the discussions from this point on should be interesting!

I am so thankful to Jesus for my place in life where I get to love people who make me crazy only through His strength!

Until whenever,

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Sherry said...

I found you! You are awesome! The things you do for children are awesome, and the fact that you can love so openly those who can be a little scarey is awesome! I love that about you. Such a love for the lost.

Keep blogging!