Thursday, August 04, 2005

Disneyland and teenagers

I just spent two days in Disneyland with 2 teenage girls. God love my mother who used to take my sister and I on vacation alone often when my dad was working! The girls and I had a great time but really how much can one person scream on the Madahorn?
I was wondering while I walked around the park if I am going to be cut out for cross cultural living. I was struggling with close proximity the whole time we were in the park- one of the girls even commented on how I kept moving to get away from people. I know that other cultures do not have the personal space we have so that might be a really big struggle for me!
Yesterday on the 4+ hour drive home conversation seemed to focus on teen sex. I want to protect them from being used, I want them to know God's great gift of sex when it is in the confines that He set out for us. I talked about getting God's best in your life and they responded, "I know I can't wait until I am married but I will wait until I am 16, that way if I do get pregnant at least I can deal with it" WHAT?!??!?!?!?!?! I just kept telling them both all the way home (well until they fell asleep) that they are worth so much and they are loved whether guys like them or not! Their worth won't ever come from the guys who want to have sex with them or even from the guys who want to love them. As I write this I realize that these are things I struggle with also-- why is it so hard for us to know that our value is in being a child of God???
Well I must recover, do laundry and repack for the next mini vacation of summer '05!

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