Saturday, January 28, 2006


It is official-- we will be going to Northern India sometime in 2007! I am both excited and scared. I am now searching for language learning opportunities and praying about all of my insecurities and lack of faith.
It has been brought to light how very proud I am and how very afraid I am that God is going to teach me a tough lesson about my own pride. I need to be willing to go to India and just learn, let God work, allow God to strip me of myself and do what He will with my life and my relationships. I have a true problem with being idle-- I want to be productive, I want to make money-- I have to change my mindset and realise that support is payment for doing God's calling. I will be working but I will be working on language and culture and cultivating relationships. I will have to be the student and not the teacher. I am praying that if I surrender and do God's calling with humility He will return to me my chance to teach in the future. I am also praying that those people who feel led to support me will be blessed for following God's call in their lives as I truely do believe that is what it is.
Boy, some serious stuff going on in my head-- can I just go back to bed for a while??

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Monarchrist_John said...

Susi Q
You are so brave. I'm really impressed with how faithfully you follow your calling and how adeptly you analyze your own weaknesses. My prayers go out for you and my hopes soar with all the work and adventure He has in store for you. Thanks for being a part of my life and for inspiring my family with your faith. Your brother