Sunday, March 05, 2006

I heard some terrible news on Friday night-- a friend of mine from college- an old boy friend died in a car accident a few weeks ago. He was a wonderful man of God, he was a Young Life leader and a youth pastor and had touched the lives of thousands of students and their parents in the years that he ministered. He was almost 40 and had just gotten married for the first time. Thousands of people went to his memorial service in Texas and there is a guest book on the obituary online that has been signed by hundreds talking about how David was used in their lives for the glory of God. I don't understand why God would take David now, why he would snatch him so hastily out of this world when he was truely serving God with his heart and life. I wonder was the enemy upset that he was serving God and making strides for the Kingdom? I don't think we die until God chooses- He is in control, I know that for sure but I wonder if the enemy had something to do with how? I pray over David's wife and all the students in his ministry that God will protect them from doubt, from anger, from the enemies lies. I pray that the name of Jesus is washed over them with such power that they can not question the whys but just trust in the author of life that the final chapter will be a great one.
Each member of our team that will be going overseas has had some sort of tragedy recently, car accidents, floods, illness, etc. It was mentioned today that maybe we are under attack and that the enemy (whom I rarely give enough credit to, or any credit at all for that matter) is not happy about what we are devoting our lives to. We need to call out the power of Christ, rebuke evil, and live in the glory of God every moment. I am scared but exhilerated at the same time-- if satan is unhappy then we are definitely getting ready for the right fight. We will produce fruit for God's Kingdom and satan wants to discourage that. Thankfully I already know how the story ends and God wins, I get to rest in that and rejoice in any part I play in the fight for His glory on this Earth!!
Another sad note, our friend John is leaving for the middle east for 3 months, leaving 3 kids and an adoring wife behind. We will miss him and pray for him often!
I am working hard to get this house back in order after the flood and I am super sore and I look like I have been beaten so I am off to bed with this weary body!

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