Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well the house is on the market and so far= bupkiss! I am praying that the right buyer is out there and looking and that the right house is out there in Henderson and will be on the market and in my price range at exactly the right time. I know that God is in control!
I had such a disturbing experience last night- I was at the UNLV football game (as if the game wasn't disturbing enough...) with a bunch of friends. We did the whole tail gate thing which was a lot of fun and then we all got a bit lost in the game- people were in groups spread everywhere and we couldn't seem to hook up or even find each other. It wasn't a big deal because no one was alone. Somehow I ended up sitting right next to the Assistant Area Superintendant whom I will be wanting a job from in the next year if I do Leadership. I was being goofy and cheering for U of A because UNLV was getting their butts kicked by UNR and the game wasn't even fun to watch. I had to behave once the Super sat down!! The disturbing thing happened on the way out... we decided to leave early and were waiting while one person went to the bathroom and I saw a girl who I coached 5 years ago. I said Hi and she was laughing and yelling "Ms. Bageant, no don't look at me". At that point I noticed that she was in handcuffs. Her boyfriend was taking pictures of her yelling "that's my girlfriend everybody". I went over to ask her what happened but the police ringed up around her and basically wouldn't let me near her. The parking lot was so crowded when we were trying to leave that we started our tail gate all over again- I was completely out of it= I can't stand seeing my students and especially my b-ball girls make bad choices. I always want to think that I have a chance to make a difference in the kids lives, that they will have enough self respect that they will not make horrible choices, I pray for them so often and it is heart breaking when reality sets in and I have to face the fact that people make mistakes no matter what. God will take control and they will have to face Him some day but in the mean time I do what I do, I love kids, I teach discipline, I give them structure and I provide something they can count on.
I did get a chance to talk to Mo today- she is back in Vegas and it was so wonderful- I always feel that she hears me and supports me. I whined to her about my funk over my girl and over my job (bad situation with my supervisor) and she just listened and encouraged! It felt good!
Off to bed and then the start of a new week= basketball intramurals start this week so I am praying that I can head into it with a positive attitude and really have fun with the girls while teaching them the game and the discipline!

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Sara said...

HI Susie.
I miss you!!! Cant believe you are moving across town, makes sense though. Haven't seen you at APEX for a while. Hope you are well. You are in my prayers.
Love Sara