Monday, October 30, 2006

I fell down

I went running today- my long run of the week. I was mentally ready to go the whole time without walking. I set out, no problem, I fought through the big hill and kept running. I got to about mile 2 came to a very busy 4 way stop, stepped wrong on the side of the curb and down I went. I was sprawled across the street, I popped up as fast as I could and just took off. I started laughing when I thought about the scene and I think my laughter kept me going for the rest of the run! Sometimes I wonder why I am such a spaz but then I realise that God definitely has a sense of humor!!

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Mo said...

Susie, this is hilarious! Sorry. I remember walking with Frisco from your house when there used to be a newspaper thingy on the corner of Farm and Buffalo. Some water was draining off and it was slick. So slick that when I walked across it, I went flying. Like you, I bounced right back up, hoping no one saw me. Of course, a truck was driving by and my gig was up. Besides that, I was wet with a muddy slime! Good on you for laughing and finishing up the run!