Sunday, February 25, 2007


I have done it-- my car was having some issues and I decided that when it was time to get a new one I would get what I really wanted. And- I DID!! I feel conflicted about it because it feels so incredibly selfish but at the same time I am working for it and as ridiculous as this is- I can't stop smiling! I got home from the dealer late last night and I woke up at 5am and went for a drive! I don't have kids or a husband and I work hard for what I have so I now have a sports car that makes me smile. I have been praying that God is OK with my decision and I prayed for Him to stop me if I was making a mistake- I don't know if I would have listened but I know He is more powerful than my desires.
The very cool thing- other than my beautiful car, is that a lady from work helped me- she used to be a car dealer so she negotiated the deal-- it was awesome! Not just that but it was so great to see her outside of work and get to know her and really have the chance to appreciate her life experience and her perspective. I kept thanking her and she just said, "you do so much for our students and I have no problem helping someone that works that hard". How wonderful is that attitude!! I am going to use this as yet another example of gracious service and try to emulate it in my own life.
OK, I am off to go for a drive! ;)


Amy said...

Ok, so what is it? Post a picture or better yet, come give me a ride!

It's funny that the car you got rid of was the car Dave wanted more than any other. Did you know he bought a Jetta TDI just a few months ago?

nicki von Collenberg said...

You deserve it Susie, you work hard. I feel that God works things out for the best when you are truely living your life for Him. Enjoy and it is okay to be proud of yourself.