Saturday, March 03, 2007

New Wheels and College Memories

Here's the new car- I LOVE IT! I hate the gas bill and I am sure I will hate the payments when they start but I love driving this car!

Our 7th grade students have all been awarded a grant for a $10,000 scholarship to any post high school education if they graduate with their class with a 2.0. I am co-chair of the grant and we are doing a school wide college pride unit in hopes of getting some buzz about going to school. Each teacher has decorated their doors in honor of the college they graduated from. I have both student store and my office decorated. My student store kids are all able to sing "Bear Down Arizona" though they hate it when I start! ;o) It has brought back some great memories of college, InterVarsity, and my journey to adulthood!

My dad was in town for a golf week with a friend of his and they got to meet a bunch of my friends. My friends did a little impromtu tribute to me which was embarassing but so flattering and so wonderful to know that I am loved so much both by my original family and my Las Vegas family! My dad was very flattered as well and kept saying that he wished my mom could have heard it. Dad and Bill came to my b-ball game as well which if you know me, you know that is so meaningful to me. I know that middle school b-ball isn't that fun to watch if you don't have a vested interest but it is a huge part of my life and I love that my dad recognized that and honored it by coming to watch.

I have yet another person trying to set me up- someone from work has a "great guy" that she wants me to meet- we'll see, I just hope that it is either fun and funny or not at all noteworthy- I am tired of having terrible stories to tell after these things!!

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Sherry said...

Looks so new and smooth! I just want to run over and give it a little smudge to break it in. I use a little gas trick. I only put in $40 each time I go to the gas station, that way I never really notice the difference when prices rise or fall. Sad, I know.
Miss you much!