Saturday, April 21, 2007


I just found out that I recieved the Southeast Region Distinguished Educator of the Year for my school for the second time in 6 years. I was all misty eyed while reading the letter because it is fantastic to be recognized and I work with such amazing people it is a huge honor to be chosen. Last time we went to the vocational school for a luncheon and I got a certificate from the district and one from the Senator. This time the lunch is at a country club and there is a new Superintendant so it should be interesting to see if things are different. In the past they shared a little bit about each person who was chosen and it was so humbling to think that I was among such amazing educators!
I thought how wonderful it was that I was just reflecting on how blessed I am in my job and how much God has given me through it and then wham- even more!! I could not be more thankful!

On a different note I just finished watching "The Heart of the Game". It is a great documentary on a high school basketball team in Washington state and one of it's players. She was destined for the WNBA but because of her choices in life and possibly her upbringing her life turned out differently. I am totally going to show it to my girls- they need to see the effect their choices can have and the ways to overcome mistakes! I recommend it!!

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