Thursday, April 19, 2007


Just a quick update-- If I haven't said this before, I will say it now- I love my job! I have so much fun all day with the staff and students- it is a HUGE blessing and I am so thankful! Basketball ended with the annual Students vs Staff game where the staff won of course! We play 2 quarters women and 2 men with a cummulative score. I had 8 points but I won't mention how many shots i had to take to get those!!! With only 3 women who have played ball before we struggle and rely heavily on the men. Mostly I ran down the court coaching the girls because I couldn't help myself and giggling at the women! I have now moved on to soccer which is just intramurals so everyone plays and it is HILLARIOUS! I had 32 hispanic boys on the field today and me. They make me laugh so much that I can't catch up to them to get the ball! It is a group of kids that are not involved in anything else at the school and many are often in trouble but on the field they are just fun!
Mo has moved in with me for a month while she gets ready to leave for some training in Pennsylvania and then off to India again. She lived with me right before she went to India the first time so it has been really fun to have her back this time as well. She is really good for me and often brings me back to reality with some challenging questions. I am definitely going to have to make a huge effort to keep in consistent communication with her when she is gone and as most people know I am terrible at that!!
I have taken my house off the market for a few weeks and redid the back yard. I am soar and bruised and scraped but the yard looks good. I was feeling way to masqueline though I know yardwork doesn't have a gender- maybe it was the ton of rocks and wheel barrow! So today I went and got a pedicure and a full set of fake nails. Typing is much harder! :o)
I spent Spring Break in Prescott, AZ with 9 friends and loved every minute of it!
I am crazy busy everyday at work and have had kids crying in my office the last two days because the counselors weren't available--ahhh! I told the counselors they are no longer allowed to be unavailable because I just end up crying with the kids!
God is teaching me a lot about myself in relation to Him- some of the lessons are very painful and much of what happens in my life or doesn't happen is very confusing and frustrating but I know God is there, I know He has a plan and I know absolutely that I have a TON to be thankful for. I am very blessed!

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Sherry said...

It's great to hear things are going well. Will be in town this week. I'll give you a call.