Sunday, June 03, 2007

Disturbing Discussion

I was at a bbq last weekend and was talking to some 20 something kids. They were spouting off about liking the Bible the way they like Spiderman, since they said they were both fiction. They talked about how Jesus was like a Super Hero who had been given powers that He couldn't have had when His story was told. I kept my mouth shut and listened. There was so much pain and anger behind their jokes. All I could think was that some day they would see the power of God in their lives and I prayed that they would see the truth before their deaths. I didn't argue, I didn't dispute because I know I can't argue someone into Heaven and I know that God will speak, I pray it is through my life and not so much through my words unless God has given them to me to say. To me it feels like growth and I am thankful.
It is hard to be humble about knowing the truth when others do not, I felt completely superior to those kids because I know God-- it wasn't a superiority that you would hold over anyone but a superiority that you would like to share. I think that is an oxymoron but I think I am often one myself!

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