Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hoof Surgery

I had my bunions removed on Monday. I have been staying with friends who have taken great care of me and now I miss them. I had a friend spend the night last night and that was wonderful but today I am alone with my feet up and BORED! Hard to believe how much I want to at least clean when I can't. I am so thankful for God's provisions for me- he has given me great supportive friends and co-workers, he gave me meaningful conversations with them while they visited and cared for me and He has given me a life that permits me to heal with my feet up! Stitches come out on Wed. and I think I can drive a few days after that though at first they said not for a month- I won't make it that long!!
Got a beautiful and fun wedding invitation in the mail today- I am so excited! It is so fun to see my friends start the life together that God has orchestrated for them, especially since I got to watch God work in them both to bring them to this point! Should be a very blessed day- I just hope I can find a date- one who won't be embarrassed of my booties since I will still have to wear them! ;) I guess I'll go alone like usual... plah!
I am off to hobble and get ice. I have been reading a lot of Jonah lately- several times and I get something new each time- I will have to write more about that later. I also have some news about work that I need to process, again that will come later...

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