Monday, July 21, 2008

Crazy/ Lazy Summer

I am including a few photos from my 2 adventures this summer- one is of the "girls' cruise" that my sister organized and surprised me with a ticket for as a Christmas present. The other is my Intervarsity reunion with dear friends in Flagstaff over the 4th of July.

This summer has been quite interesting, I am the DIT- Dean In Training- for summer school and it is currently running so smoothly that the principal, office manager and myself play Settlers between attendance and the break. When people come to the door we all rush out of the conference room to help them and we rush to the phones when they ring. I refused to play this game for several years now though my friend Mo begged several times. I just knew that once I played it I wouldn't be able to get enough. This morning the principal had to leave campus for a meeting and then when he returned I had to leave campus to go for yet another interview. That meant no Settlers today. I have to say I felt OK about the interview (after I emailed an answer that I knew but forgot the voice) and it was a very good reason to have to forgo the game but the day just wasn't the same. Hopefully tomorrow will get us back on track!

I leave Sunday for another little excursion- this one to San Diego for the AVID conference. Though the coordinator meetings last year were excruciating I am totally looking forward to the trip. It is a great way to get to know other people in the district and from around the country and we always have a great time going out on the town at night! Last year three of us nearly killed a pedicab driver who was on the bike for the first time- he was very ambitious and thought, though he was about 40 lbs., that he could take all three of us up the hill to the Gas Lamp District. Dave had to jump off so the poor little guy didn't keel over! Needless to say we gave him a big tip!

I am so excited to hear from old friends and to know that others are coming back to Vegas!! Woo Hoo!

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Mo said...

I won't say I told you so...but if you need to get your fix, I know where we can meet online and play. :) I will say "Dang, those are great pictures of you!!!" Have a great time in San Diego.