Saturday, July 12, 2008


Oh my goodness, it has been almost a year since my last posting. Why? My computer was stolen and then I didn't get a new one until recently- I had my blog as a "favorite" and when that was gone so was my desire to write. It was a fun and BUSY school year, I successfully finished my second year as the ELL specialist at my school and I felt more competent this year though MANY things went wrong. I was given the chance to do a ton of leadership this year and I got to help with the master schedule, testing, and all manor of other things that will prepare me for the future. I also finished Leadership (required by our district in order to move into an administrative position) with a 97%. It was tough at times but I really loved the information and the people that I met through the process. I am currently applying for administrative positions and though I have heard from some big wig district people that my name is being thrown around I have yet to get a position. I realize that I am not a great interviewer, I end up babbling if I get nervous and then walk out wanting to kick myself! I am generally so confident when it comes to school but I am not as confident when talking about the Dean's office- I believe I have a general idea of how to handle things because I have volunteered in the Dean's office a lot but the details of it are going to be an on the spot education! I have gone to 3 interviews, one of which I knew I wouldn't get because they needed a person of color (my blond hair and green eyes weren't going to cut it!), I found out yesterday that I principal I greatly admire has a spot open so I will try and get an interview there but it is for a high school and it is even farther from my house. I know it is God's decision, where I go, when I go, if I go. I am struggling with that because not getting a job feels like failure, waiting on God's will puts me in my place and that is difficult. I am not close to God and that makes it all that much more difficult. I have not been to church in a LONG time. My house church broke up when everyone but 2 of us moved away and then my partner in church got married to someone who didn't want to do house church anymore. There are a few churches that I would like to try but of course they are on the other side of town and I can't decide if I can afford to do that. I want to go to a church that I can become a part of and living so far away will not help me to build relationships. I can't afford to live without fellowship so that will have to win out in the end! Going to a new church alone is also intimidating, satan must love that! I have recently gone on two great vacations that I will have to discuss at a later time... My brain is full, my heart is heavy and my hope is overwhelming- God is in control and I think I am ready to listen!!


the-unintentional-blogger said...

Thanks for sharing that. I like friends who blog because I feel much more connected to them even when they're far away.

Yeah, the waiting on God thing is tough. Two jobs I tried to get in the past few years I was unable to get, so I'm trusting that God knows better than I what's good for me. I will pray for the job situation and for you to find a church you feel like you want to serve in.

Mo said...

Susie, I'm so glad you are "back". You sound optimistic, this is a good thing. And if anyone understand waiting, I sure do! If you wanna drive, I'll go with you to church shop. :) I guess it didn't work out at the Ridge, huh? Perhaps I shared too much behind the scenes things. *wink, wink* Do me a favor, write up a list of what you are looking for and what you don't want. Pray over it and when I get there we can look it over. So what about that conference?

Amy said...

Hey missy!

We're still here and would love for you to come hang out! My kids were just asking about you the other day.

Did you know the Matheny's are moving back to town?