Sunday, September 11, 2005


It is official, I can no longer say that I am anything but "in my 30's". How did I get this old- I feel very young, I act young, then I see high school and college kids and wonder- when did I get this old?
I can't seem to concentrate on anything this weekend and thus have gotten very little done-- what is going on in my brain?
I went out Friday with people from work and someone from our overseas team showed up- it was great! I love the people I work with- I am often shocked by them and feel incredibly nieve around them but it is a good feeling most of the time- there is so much in life that I just don't want to know! Sometimes I get sucked in but most of the time I just laugh and wonder what next, or hey I didn't want to know that about you!
Comedy night tonight-- I forgot to invite people until the last minute, I forgot it was this Sunday. I have some friends from work that came before but I think they are still out of town and won't be able to make it this time. Oh well, I am still hoping people show up so we can be a family that laughs together for a night!

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