Saturday, September 17, 2005


Things seem to be looking up. I am not sure what the funk is but there is still a cloud over my head.
I was appointed Department Chair yesterday- not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess it will look good on a resume but really does anyone overseas care what I do here? Oh well, I have the job so I will try and do it justice.
Open House at school was a success, of course it is the best kids whose parents show- that is why they are the best kids!! It is always nice to hear that students are learning and that they enjoy my class.
Survivor- finally started and it was great! I was totally psyched about the 2 they brought back and am in a pool at work where I drew Judd. I think he has some potential but when he got defensive and acted all huffy to Jeff I think he might have put himself in some trouble.
Going out- I have been out to dinner every night for 3 days with people from work- before open house, to celebrate someone's promotion, and tonight to go see a fellow teacher in a play. I need to start eating less, exercising more! But at least I have gotten some great food and had great company!
Missed my "highly qualified" tests this morning because I am a moron so I am hoping they let me reschedule since I already paid! If only I was responsible...
Off to the theater...

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