Sunday, October 23, 2005


Well Nick went home last week- haven't heard how he is doing but I thank God that it is possible for a child to have brain surgery and go home a week and a day later. What happens now is in God's hands. The dad won't tell us what is going on and he tried to prevent us from even visiting until the surgeon told him the staff at the school visiting was what was helping Nick to recover so quickly. It is a messed up situation.
Praying for Pakistan and the victims of the earthquake last night made me realise how selfish I am-- well just one more thing to help me realise how selfish I am. I feel so little emotion for things that don't happen to me or those I know- I hate that and hope that God will give me a true sense of passion for all people and for the plight of the world.
Going through Matthew with House Church is a good thing- I really enjoy just discussing Biblical passages and love that I have to read them over and over to have anything to add to the discussion- my mind works so fast that I am not able to express what I am learning-- I need to slow down and listen to God.
Still lonely, weekends are the worst. God has a plan and I want to wait for it- that is my montra!
School is my haven- this year is fantastic- great kids, small classes, fun schedule. I don't know if it will last after the semester change but boy am I going to take advantage now!!

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