Thursday, November 17, 2005

Has it been that long?

I haven't written much lately- soo much going on, going out of town to visit friends or with friends, basketball starting- I am coaching again. I love my life- school is almost too easy this sememster but that is a good thing because I sold my prep hour and am busy as could be! I am reading and learning more and more about the realities of a life following Jesus- He will comfort when we mourn, he will be our foundation when storms hit, he will touch us in our uncleanliness-- all of this indicates a difficult life with great reward-- am I ready, am I willing, am I holding on to the hope that being a Christian is like a magic bean that makes life easier??? All good questions, ones I feel like I should have asked oh so long ago but perhaps now is the season when I am ready to face reality... I pray that is so, I feel that by shying away from the storm or trying to manipulate my way out of it I am missing the reward. Oh God please help me to let go of my comfort and reach out for yours!
I am continually praying about living what seems like an extraordinary life to some in another land but when you think about it our extraordinary life is just someone elses ordinary- I pray that someday it will be my ordinary if that is God's will!
Must go to bed- crazy 7th graders await me in the morning, not only that but tomorrow they will be armed with glue, cotton and scissors-- is this an extraordinary life?? To some!

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