Sunday, December 18, 2005


What, it's almost Christmas? I have my shopping done because that is my favorite thing ever-- shopping for others, but I have NO decoration up-- how sad-- I think I am the grinch in the neighborhood. I think, well maybe it is too late and I should just forget it this year but I have Mo coming to house sit and wouldn't she like some Christmas cheer?? So now that school is out, my schedule is clear other than church and b-ball practice I am going to tackle a fake tree and some plastic candy canes! The tree will have to go on the table this year because of the wild puppy but hey what is Christmas without a few broken ornaments and a bit of tackiness??
I can't wait to go home and spoil my nephews and my niece! I really love the chance to pray over them while they sleep-- there is something powerful in that and it really helps me to be encouraged about their future and what God has in store for them! I pray that I will see them in Heaven and that we will get to work together for God's glory in the future. I pray that for my family as well (the adults) but they would freak if they found me in their rooms at night!! ;)
I had a sad moment the other day where I almost cried in Starbucks-- I had been out with people from work to celebrate my principal's promotion and everyone else had to get home to family or spouse-- when asked what I was going to do-- "go home I guess". Being alone stinks sometimes!!
I'm off to Christmas up this place!

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Sherry said...

Love you and we hope you had a great Christmas!!!

You are never alone!!!!!!!!!!