Wednesday, November 29, 2006

9 Miles

Life has been crazy- it is that time of year when I have said yes to so much that I am buried and loving it! I have recently gone to Duck Creek, Utah with friends and it was GREAT although at one point I was laughing so hard I farted and humiliated myself! I am not sure I have ever before laughed for 3 days straight but I have now! The following week I went to Denver to visit some schools that are implementing the AVID program that we want to start at our school. I weasled my way in and now I am really hoping that they will let me be the AVID Coordinator at the school. It will mean putting off going into Leadership and moving up the food chain but it is great for kids and I really want to be a part of what is great for our kids!! The trip was again filled with a lot of laughter, some crazy driving, and certainly getting to know my colleagues in different ways-- my Mormon Assistant Principal was mad at me when we were lost trying to get back to the hotel and he was searching the map and yelled out "Oh Hades!" Of course that just mad me laugh all the more! Then for Thanksgiving I got to go to Tucson to visit my great friends Barb and Michell and see their new house. It was wonderful- I got to see some people who I don't often communicate with but I really love and miss in my life!
The house is still on the market and tonight someone came to look at it and seemed rather impressed so that is a good sign!
Monday I ran 9 miles in my training for the half marathon that is coming up. I just had no idea I could run 9 miles in a row and though my legs are soar and it took me a long time I did it! Now it is on to bigger and better and then the race which for me will not be a race but an exercise in survival.
The only bad thing-- my computer was stolen. I have my suspicions but I have no idea what happened. It is in the police's hands and God's. I know that I won't see my computer again but I know God will redeem even this situation. The only thing that I really miss is my pictures that were not all backed up and I keep finding things that I use for work that were saved on that computer. I guess the only good part about it is that the computer was kind of on it's last legs so whoever stole it won't be happy!
B-Ball starts next week so I have to live up this week- my last week of "freedom" until March. It exhausts me but I love it!
Enough for now...

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Mo said...

Ha, I'm proud of you for sharing the fart moment! You kill me! I'm glad you are in town for a while and look forward to seeing you soon.