Saturday, December 16, 2006

Made It

I did it- "I ran the Strip" plus another 7.1 miles!! My poor sister flew into town to run the 1/2 Marathon with me and was so sick with the stomach flu that she didn't get to run. I felt awful for her! I have to say, I still don't like running but I was really excited to be able to say that I finished even faster than I had hoped for! I am very consistant at 12 minute miles so I figured with a little walking here and there I could make it in 2 hours and 45 minutes. I actually finished in 2 hours and 33 minutes!! I bought a Christmas ornament that says "13.1 miles and still smiling" and I will say that though my legs were sore I did cross the finish line smiling!
I also made it through to Christmas break- I am exhausted as always but in different ways this year. I have so much more responsibility this year but so much less structure it is hard to budget my time and motivate myself at times. I have misplaced a very important document and will have to own up to it when I return in January which will probably result in being written up. I don't feel that upset about it because I figure that even in this, a huge mistake that I have made, God is with me. There will be consequences that won't be pleasant but at least I know that through it all God is with me.
I made it through basketball try-outs where I was told I had to speak to each girl individually about why they did or didn't make the team- it was awful! They cried, I felt like an idiot, but in the end I have a team I am excited to work with. We are going to be very young, and very raw this year but I know we are going to see a lot of improvement. I almost forgot how much b-ball takes out of me until Friday when my friends were waiting for me at Claim Jumpers and I was at school waiting for girls to get picked up by parents who forgot them and then had to play taxi to 3 others!! AAHHH!!!
I feel sort of lost in space these days- God is there, He is prodding me, but I somehow just feel indifferent. Indifferent and disconnected. I love House Church but I can't go to Apex again due to the Sender Team meeting for India. I am the leader of the sending team which is totally exciting but right now just feels oppressive with all the other things I am doing and because I am lost. I have carved out some significant time to spend with the Lord and I am looking forward to being found!
I am sitting in a house that I love but can't wait to sell and once again feeling sorry for myself for being in this house alone on a Saturday night. Life... it really doesn't change much but it moves so quickly I just can't catch up to the time when I feel better about what God is doing with me!
Reading Isaiah I keep seeing how God has offered redemption over and over. This Christmas I will remember that my Lord, the Lord who redeems the world once and for all was born. Halleluiah!!

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Sherry said...

Wow, a whole new look! You rock!
Missing you much, and looking forward to visiting with you soon!