Wednesday, December 20, 2006

End of the Spear

We watched "End of the Spear" at housechurch last night. I had seen it in the theater with some friends from work. It is the story of some missionaries who worked to befriend and share God's love with one of the most violent people groups on Earth. I had read the stories of Jim Elliot and his friends when I was in college so I was thrilled when they made a movie about it- the movie tells the rest of the story and it is great!! I had such fun talking to my friends when we left the theater, hearing their non-Christian opinions of what these people did. One of my favorite quotes came from Jim Elliott-- "He is no fool who gives what he can not keep to gain what he can not lose."
It is a marvelous reminder of what Christmas day really did for the world- how one little baby boy changed and is changing lives forever. We are so lucky to be able to celebrate the birth of our Lord, to know that He came, He loved and He saved. He lives now in our lives, in our hearts and in our relationships.
I am so thankful that I go to church with friends who will watch movies with me and discuss them after and we know without a doubt that God is there with us!
Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy the celebration- it is much deserved!!

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